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The Sheets Family

As you may have guessed, my name is Steve Sheets, and welcome to my Personal Site. If you found it, chances are you are a friend, or someone with similar interests. Either way, let me tell you about our family.

Personal: My family and I live in Haymarket, VA (far west part of Northern Virginia section of Washington, DC area). There is myself, my wife Pat, my older daughter (23) Steffanie and my youngest daughter (15) Cassandara (click on our names to email us). No, I am not going to put down the ages of the adults. You can see some picture of them at our family picture pages.

Interests:: We are a diverse crowd in this house. We all are heavy readers, especially Sci-Fi & Fantasy & Cartoons. Both my daughters and myself practice Rapier Combat. Pat & I love to cook, and are become quite the gourmets. Besides Fencing & before that Kung Fu, Steffanie plays both the harp and the flute (check out Steffanie's Sword Dance). Cassie has also started martial arts & dancing, and is a fantastic student. All of us enjoy going to Fantasy/SciFi & Gaming conventions (check out Cassie's Fairy at DragonCon 2001). In the past, my family and I have been active in the SCA, Kingdom of Atlantia, Barony of Stierbach. the largest Medievel Reenactment group in the USA. We still occasionally attend Pennsic.

History & Career: I am a native Californian who keeps moving further East. I am originally from Saratoga, CA and graduated at Lynbrook HS (Class of 79). I was lucky enough to know I was interested in Software Programming before the big boom. After some college and jobs at Apple Computer, and other software companies (which had me move east to Chicago where I met & wed Pat), I moved to Virginia to work for AOL. After creating the Mac version of AOL for them, I spent a few years working with the Goverment (Top Secret clearance) where I learned I prefer jobs where I can talk about my product. Since then I have been semi-retired, as an independent developer able to pick my projects.